Interim VP HR

Gerry Meyer - Principal

Interim VP HR, Gerry Meyer

Don’t think you can afford or need a VP of HR? Not sure what a VP of HR can bring to the business conversation? LEC can provide this at a fraction of the cost, while helping your business continue to grow.

All organizations, regardless of size, business maturity or business cycle benefit from the expertise and guidance a seasoned HR executive can bring, but some companies may not feel that such a resource is needed full-time.

What do you get:

  • Access to a seasoned HR executive with a diversity of experience in industries, business cycles and geographies, and a business-first focus
  • A cost effective/affordable resource that can help you with your day to day operations as well as keeping the long-term business strategy in sight
  • Access to proven, pragmatic HR programs that will drive immediate value to your bottom line